All my artwork and photographs can be framed. You can select the frame of your choice when shopping.

I charge the following prices for framed work:

A4 photographs = £40
A4 limited edition prints = £45

A3 photographs = £65
A3 limited edition prints = £70

A2 photographs = £115
A2 limited edition prints = £120

Chickens and Houses limited edition print 66cm x 35cm framed = £115

The above prices are available on the frames I use regularly which are ivory, white, dark wood, wood (see image below labelled left to right). Personally I prefer chunky frames that show the grain in the wood. They portray quality and generally work well with my artwork but my supplier does offer a fantastic range of high quality frames so if you have a particular frame in mind then a quote can be provided.

Call me on 07815 045272 to discuss your requirements.